the fastest way to become super-skilled at coaching, master influence, get high-paying clients, discover your coaching niche and develop a world-class coaching business, so that you make an incredibly fulfilling career, changing lives!
Do you know that about 80% of the coaches never get a second coaching session with a client?... And that is when they give the first coaching session for free. How do you differentiate yourself from the majority of struggling coaches? The truth is that coaching is a complex skill and the best coaches are not made overnight.
It is a skill that takes time to master!
Take the first step to meet Antano & Harini to mentor you to evolve outstanding coaching skills as well as build a world-class business around it!
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June 21st
Avenel Golf Course Clubhouse
Washington D.C.

Harini Ramachandaran

co-creator of Excellence Installation Technology, Musician

Antano Solar John

Author, co-creator of Excellence Installation Technology, Businessman, Tech Wizard
Very Limited seats. Time left until this page expires…
You're Going To  Learn about...
  • How To  - identify the smallest shift in the client that will change the future of the client's life, business or relationships. 
  • Learn -  how the best coaches in the world market their talent and get high-paying clients.
  • How To - Develop amazing influence skills that will help you lead teams, close deals.
  • How To - experience holistic transformation of beliefs, behaviours and habits in your own life, first... In a nutshell, truly evolve from within!
WARNING: Space is limited. Seats are allotted on first-come first-serve basis. Registration is required for attending the program. 
This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!
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